Discover Elline. A hypnotic blend of refreshing, lush orchestration and honest lyrics combined with a distinctly rich vocal presentation, this eloquent 24-year old Los Angeles-based singer and songwriter has an effortless sound that defies a need for classification. 

Elline fell in love with music at an earlier age during her childhood years in Bucharest, Romania. She credits her parents for their encouragement as they supported her love for the arts through music education and exposing her to an extensive ensemble of music consisting of Motown hits, funk, pop, soul & R&B records. They also transformed the attic into the perfect karaoke room, motivating her to perform. Slowly but surely, it was obvious that what was keeping her up at night was becoming more than a hobby. 

At 19, Elline decided to move to Boston to study at Berklee College of Music - a major catalyst in her growth as an artist and where she discovered her passion for songwriting. At Berklee, she met Felipe Mejia, Mateo Lewis and SUR - three rising and brilliant producers who have helped carve the sound of her new EP, entitled "Stained Glass". The EP, which started as an outlet of self-discovery and self-love, was written and recorded in LA, and has an empowering, playful, reflective, honest and magnetic nature. 

"Stained Glass" is a powerful metaphor for how we see life: depending on which side of the stained glass you’re on, you can either see a lifeless, grey window or stories written in color," says Elline. All four multifaceted songs offer a wide emotional range of lyrical themes and distinct perspectives. Her single, music video and EP have garnered more than 25 blogs features and reviews in 2 weeks of its release. We can all be certain that Elline has a lot more magic up her sleeve. From her carefully crafted lyrics to the captivating musical elements of her production team, Elline's music is an authentic representation of genuine artistry.